Tips + Tools

Here are some helpful ideas to encourage better sleeping habits for your little one:

  • Read the SleeperHero storybook when you introduce the doll to your child

  • Use the Sleep Chart (below) to monitor your child's sleep progress

  • Reward good sleep nights with stickers or marks on the Sleep Chart

  • Set up a reward system for positive weeks or months

  • Reread SleeperHero as needed to reinforce the concept of staying in bed

  • When your child has mastered the concept, reward them with the
    Certificate of Courage (below) and hang it up for all to see!

Personalized Sleep Chart:

Download this PDF and print out your own charts. 

Certificate of Courage:

Print out your very own Certificate of Courage once you and your child have built up a solid sleep routine worth rewarding. 

Just for Fun!

Print your own SleeperHero coloring page for your child.