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"We don't typically do product reviews on the blog, but I'm such a fan of the SleeperHero, I want to shout it from the rooftops!

In the last 18 months or so, Eli has been upgraded from "seriously shitty sleeper" to "decent sleeper". Even at 3.5 years old he still occasionally will wake up several times in the night requesting to snuggle, and without fail was tip-toeing into our room at the first sliver of daylight (usually just after 5:30AM).

With Baby Lady on the way, and their rooms directly next to each other, we were struggling to find a way to keep E in his room as long as possible (currently if you suggest he plays with a toy in his room until we're ready to wake up, he naturally chooses the plastic, noise making jackhammer...someone remind me to take that out of his room) -- so when SleeperHero reached out to us, it seemed like such a brilliant idea!

The doll has a big bright light in the center of it's chest, that with a few settings to its clock (safely tucked away under it's cape) you can set the light to turn red when it's bedtime, and remain red until a reasonable hour that you've chosen (in our case, since the boy does not nap, it's 7PM - 6:30AM). After 6:30AM the light turns green and he can happily shuffle into our room to snuggle until we roll ourselves out of bed.

Being the very literal child he is, it was a hilarious first few days including yelling from his room "MOMMMMM!!! MY LIGHT IS RED BUT I AM AWAKE... I'M IN BED....I THINK HE'S MIXED UP...ARE YOU AWAKE? MOMMMMM! DADDDDDDDD!", followed by a handful of mornings where he came into our room announcing that the light was red but that he had to go potty (three year olds love loopholes). But after a few weeks of using it, he's adjusted pretty well and usually falls back asleep, or will wake up and sing Queens' - "We Will Rock You" in his bed quietly (I'm so proud).

We've also found that the red light comes in very very handy on particularly cranky bed-time hours, as we actually have visual evidence that it's indeed bedtime! The light does not lie!"
The Sleeper Hero also includes a darling book that tells a tale of a boy named Luke who has trouble staying in bed at night, and helps explain how the doll works in a story-tale way. If you've got a kid who struggles with bedtime rules, I am telling you GET THIS!"

- Amy from June and January

"Our SleeperHero has become more than just another stuffy in Birdy’s bedroom. The sweet book that tells the tale isn’t collecting dust on her bookshelf - the words jump into her imagination and give her the sweetest story to tell.
He has made bedtime less scary and more sweet."

- Katherine from Motherhood Rising blog

"First let me say, I raise terrible sleepers. We make choices that others don’t and likely many would blame it on me from the get go. However, once they are 2+, they finally understand sleeping enough to leave me alone at night. Nico finally figured it out around 2.5 which was a good thing because I was well into this twin pregnancy and putting threats of me puking on him if he made me take him back to bed one more time at night. I wish that was a joke. :0
Then suddenly, out of no where, the wolves in Frozen rubbed him the wrong way. You know that less that two minute scene of wolves chasing Christof’s sleigh? Uh huh.
The first nightmare he was so petrified and screaming so shrilly “No! Go away! Stop it!” I jumped out of bed and fully expected an intruder in our house. What I found was a sobbing Nico, clawing his way out of bed in such a panic to get into my arms, I had no idea what was happening. Tears poured down his face as he kept climbing to get higher to safety in my arms as he cautiously glanced over his shoulder to his bed. Still screaming, “Go away! No!” I had never witnessed something like this.  Of course he slept the rest of the night in our bed.
At breakfast he immediately told me about the wolves in his room. “That wolf is brown and scary eyes and he growl and try to bite me in my bed. Me scared of him. Me don’t want to go into my room ever again.” Greeeeat. We talked it out. That night, same story. He stopped napping in his room and even refused to step inside the door in daytime. Nothing was working and I refused to get in the habit of him sleeping with us or one of us with him. Hello, I’m bout to birth two babies, the last thing I need is a n almost 3 yr old kicking me all night when I already can’t sleep!  We were a couple weeks out from his bday and I knew the SleeperHero would be a perfect gift.
The book is based on a child who is afraid of the animals who come in his room at night. The SleeperHero protects him while in bed. The best feature is that his tummy has a light that you control via the timer on his back. We set ours from 10-8:30 to be red. Which means, Nico is in his bed while he’s “red and fighting wolves” and once the light switches to green, Nico is safe to get up and come in my room.
The book, box and stuffed toy are all of high quality. I can’t tell you how impressed my mom and I were when we opened him. So cool.
I’m going to be honest here. I was a little sticker shocked at the price of $49.99. BUT! Think about this. We all buy into that damn elf gig for our kids and that’s $35. And does nothing for our sanity. In fact, it stresses me out! If Adam didn’t stay up later than me, it would never move. And it certainly doesn’t do tricks and mischievous things. BUT this SleeperHero. This is a big deal for my sanity and I don’t have to do shiz. He’s expensive because he’s package similar to the elf but he has electric in his back! That light is worth the extra $15 if you ask me. I was happy to spend it.
Nico brought his home and called him “Super Hero Guy.” He has been been beyond excited about him since the beginning. And guess what? IT’S WORKING. The first couple days he was up and I had to remind him that the light is still red. But the nightmares? Immediately stopped. He actually tells people, “My SuperHero Guy, he takes the wolves away from me. Me not scared of them anymore.” Whaaa? Even watched the scene in the movie the other day and said, “those wolves not scary anymore!” WINNING. This concept is genius. Occasionally he will call out for us for a drink of water because the air is so dry now, but he knows he’s not allowed out of bed because it’s still red. So we remedied that by giving him a small cup of water on his night stand. Voila. Kid is back leaving me alone. PRAISE THE LORD-ah.

Let it also be known, no one asked me to blog this. It wasn’t a give me a free one and I’ll talk you up. I sincerely support this product and asked if I could write about it. So the question is, once the twins are here, how soon will they grasp the concept?" 

- Melanie from Loft 3 Photography

"If you have a child that struggles to fall and stay asleep, who gets scared or feels like your bed is the safest place for them, SleeperHero is for you! These moms are so smart and created a storybook that introduces them to their SleeperHero who is in charge of keeping their bedrooms safe. The nightlight is like an alarm clock which stays red until the time you choose and then turns green, signaling to your kiddo that they can come out of their room. If they stay in their bed there’s a chart included and a reward system, too! The book is so cute and a great reinforcer of the system." 

- the Ladies from Small Fry Blog 

"Before we had Walker, Braydon coming into our room in the middle of the night didn't really bother us. We put him to bed in his bed every night but around 2 or 3 am we would here a little pitter patter of him running across the hardwoods to our room as fast as he could. He wasn't ever crying but he sure as heck never wanted to go back in his bed. We would just put him in the middle and all three pass back out for the rest of the night. Once we had Walker we knew that wasn't going to be acceptable with night feedings and waking Braydon up every 3 hours would not have made for a good day for him or myself. Cranky toddlers are not always the most fun ;). I did some research on how to get kids to stay in their bed without having to lock them in their rooms and listen to them scream. I am not one for that just because I know I would be right outside his door crying with him! I found the SleeperHero.
Once our SleeperHero arrived in the mail we opened it up and immediately read the book. I was worried Braydon wouldn't really understand what the book was explaining to him but I was shocked he got the concept quickly. He also would get so excited when it talked about the lights and his lit up the red or green. 
Long story short, green light means he was able to get up, play or leave his room. Red light means stay in bed. We had it set to turn red at 9pm and turn green at 7am. It took him about a week to get into the swing of things and get on schedule but he now is doing great. On weekends we are a little more lenient but during the week, red light means bed time!"

- Jessica from Lipstick, Heels & a Baby

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