Co-Creators + Sisters


Anna Richardson

Co-Creator + Author of SleeperHero

Anna is the author of the SleeperHero™ book. As a former Intervention Specialist, she always loved to teach a new concept with the help of the perfect children’s book. After eight years of teaching, she chose to stay home and “teach” her little ones. In 2012, when her 4 year old son, Jack, struggled with the concept of staying in his big boy bed, she was inspired to create SleeperHero. Her hope is that SleeperHero will help many families overcome those tiresome and frustrating nights and turn bedtime into a fun and rewarding experience for children.


Meggie Hunley

Co-Creator + Illustrator of SleeperHero

Meggie is the illustrator of the SleeperHero™ storybook. When her sister, Anna, shared the concept of the doll and book with her she fell in love with the idea and has had a blast bringing the vision to life. She is a freelance graphic designer and also a mom of a three babes under the age of four. Lots of SleeperHero love in this young household.